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Mögül – Mögött – Mögé —- The 3 directions of postpositions

In this post you will read about postpositions (for adverbs of place). This is rather a beginner topic but I posted it in intermediate as well.

The origin of the prefix post- if from Latin and means “after”, “behind”. Postpositions will always be in a sentence after the noun/pronoun that they modify. This role is taken by prepositions in English (pre- means “before”).

Each language is unique as to what they have more tools to express. Grammatically Hungarian has only two tenses: a past tense and a present tense (future is expressed with forms of present). Nothing special there. The interesting and important in a language is never what they cannot express (we could argue long if there is such a thing at all that there is sg. languages cannot express), but what they can. Would anyone say Hungarian is so simple just because it does not have so many tenses? I don’t think so 🙂

Our language cares more about several other things, for example, the 3 directions:


Honnan? – Where from?
Hol? – Where?
Hová?/Hova? – Where to?

And this is not different with the postpositions either:

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