NEW! Language course for beginners

Online Hungarian language course for complete beginners from January!



Groups of 3-5 students.
Lesson price: 15 USD / person / 60 minutes. DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE!!


Lesson times: between 6 and 8 pm Eastern Standard time (US) – between 2 and 4 am in Budapest, between 12 and 2 pm in Sydney.



2 lessons a week (2×60 minutes).


Are you interested?

Read more below:




pay in advance for the whole language course and pay

only 540 dollars instead of 600!



What will you learn?



introducing yourself, numbers, age, languages, countries, nationalities,



the house and flat,

daily routine,

time expressions,





describing people,

eating and drinking,





verb conjugation (indefinite), present tense, future tense,

postpositions (under, above etc…)

noun declination:

suffixes of place (-n/-on/-en/-ön, -ra/-re, -ról/-ről, -ban/-ben, -ba/-be, -ból/ből, -nál/-nél, -hoz/-hez/-höz, -tól/-től),

the plural and the  accusative of nouns, adjectives, numbers, question words

the suffix with (-val/-vel),

to/for (-nak/-nek),

time expressions (-kor, -tól/-től, -ig),

the possessive singular in Hungarian




Altogether you will have 40 lessons (20 weeks)

which cost 600 dollars.



You can choose one of the following payment options:

  1. pay in advance for the whole course and pay only 540 dollars instead of 600!
  2. pay in two parts and pay only 235+235 dollars, altogether only 570 instead of 600 dollars!
  3. pay in 3 parts and pay 200+200+200 dollars, what equals to 600 dollars.

You can apply by sending a letter under the contact menu.

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