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Egy kis magyar etikett

Találkozáskor puszi vagy ölelés? Ki köszön előre? Mikor koccintunk?

Do you give a kiss or a hug when you meet somebody? Who should greet the other one first? When should we clink glasses?






Egy kis magyar etikett

A quick guide to Hungarian etiquette





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E-mail lessons – learn Hungarian


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Are you eager to learn Hungarian, but prefer doing it on your own?
Do you lack time to sit down at the computer for regular online lessons?
Do you feel like you only need reassurance in short Skype conversational practice while you can manage the rest?
Now I offer e-mail courses where you get the lesson material to your inbox. Receive your lesson material online, do your homework and send it back for correction. Practise talking every now and then or as often as you feel like you need it.


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Part 2 – How to improve your pronunciation in ANY language. Practice makes perfect


In my previous post I wrote you about how the native language means a barrier when we want to improve our pronunciation in a foreign language.


We learned to hear and to pronounce the sounds of our mother tongue. We learned to hear them, thus we exclude others. We identify sounds of a foreign language as the ones that we learned to hear – though they are not the same, but may be similar. Or totally different. It means we probably can’t exactly hear many of those sounds that exist in a foreign language. Also, our mother tongue is the restricted tool that we have when we produce the sounds speaking other languages. So yes, the sounds of the native language are the ones that we pronounce when we speak a foreign language. That’s why you can tell if someone is from Russia, France, Spain, etc….


So is this the end of the story? Is there no hope, really? I did not say that. But it takes a whole lot of practice!


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How to improve your pronunciation in ANY language – Part 1.


At last. A blogpost from me, yaay! I want to give you some pronunciation tips.

What can you do to sound more like a native?


  1. Get to know better your mother tongue
  2. Keep in mind that pactice makes perfect
  3. Watch and listen a lot
  4. Be surrounded by the language
  5. Don’t give up




Today I’m going to write about the 1st thing on the list:



Learn more about your native languge


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Ha volna két életem – feltételes mód

Ismét egy nagyon ismert és szép magyar dalt mutatok be neked 🙂 Töltsd ki az alábbi dalszöveget a feltételes módú igealakokkal! Alatta egy kis nyelvtant is találsz 🙂

Again I have brought to you a well known and beautiful Hungarian song. Fill in the lyrics below with the conditional forms of the verbs. You can find some grammar below 🙂


Piramis: Ha volna két életem



Szállj fel magasra! Felszólító mód – Imperative


Ez egy nagyon ismert (és szép) magyar dal. Töltsd ki az alábbi dalszöveget a felszólító módú igealakokkal! Alatta egy kis nyelvtant is találsz 🙂

This is a well known (and beautiful) Hungarian song. Fill in the lyrics below with the imperatives of the verbs. You can find some grammar below 🙂



Piramis: Szállj fel magasra



Intermediate/advanced: Friderika – Kinek mondjam el vétkeimet. Videó és dalszöveg

Ígértem nektek tegnap, hogy ma felteszem azt a magyar dalt, amelyik idáig a legjobb helyezést érte el az Eurovíziós dalfesztiválon. A dal történetéről a tegnapi bejegyzésemben meséltem.


Alább a videó, a folytatásban pedig a dalszöveg. Hiányzik azonban néhány szöveg, amit neked kell a vonalra írnod 🙂 Hát nem csodálatod ez a dal?

Lyrics with gaps – fill in 🙂 Isn’t this song beautiful?


Tovább a dalszöveghez – CONTINUE TO LYRICS