Verb conjugation 2 – the -ik verbs


If you have read my previous post on verb, you already know the basic and most common verb conjugation (verb conjugation 1) in Hungarian.


Now let’s see another type of verbs. These verbs caused me a lot of problem as a child, because they need an additional -ik only in the 3rd person form. Children tend to overgenerize, what means if they learn a rule, they apply it everywhere. At around age 4 I knew, that some verbs needed the -ik. So what did I do? I added it to all verbs! My mom told me, not to do that. So what did I do after that? I left it out everywhere, even in the verbs that needed it 🙂 You see, it is not easy for children either 🙂


E.g. the verb “ül” (to sit) does not have an -ik an, but the verb “játszik” (to play) does. So I would start saying “ülik” which is nonsense in this case. After my mom told me not to do that, I started saying word like “játsz” which is also nonsense in this case.


Ok, that was my little story, and now let here stand your story 🙂


What you need to know is that there are just a few verbs that take -ik in the 3rd person. You will be able to learn them as they come along the way.


Click below to continue and you will read why these verbs are different and which are these verbs.


-ik verbs in Hungarian

-ik verbs in Hungarian



Above you can see some of the most common -ik verbs. The difference with the is, that your 1st person form will end not in a -k, but in an -m!



ő lakik, én lakom – he lives, I live

ő dolgozik, én dolgozom – he works, I work (but! te dolgozol)

ő eszik, én eszem – he eats, I eat (but! the eszel)

ő reggelizik, én reggelizem – he eats breakfast, I eat breakfast

ő fázik, én fázom – he is cold, I am cold (te fázol)


A-haaa! But can you say kezdődöm? It is strange… I am beginning… no! Not all verb forms exist, although this verb belongs to this group as well.



Languages are constantly changing. The 1st person -m is disappearing from our language, so


it is not a mistake if you keep using the -k

in first person as with other verbs.


But in writing, you should definitely use the -m (you can say dolgozok, eszek, játszok, but should write dolgozom, eszem, játszom). You should also use it when having an important, formal conversation. Oh, and in Budapest, please use it. People who live in the capital kind of turn more attention to such small things 😉


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