Verb conjugation 1 – regular verbs 1

An infinitive of a Hungarian verb will have a -ni ending. So it is like: várni, tanulni. But if you look up a word in the dictionary you will find in it forms of the 3rd singular. To get the form of the 3rd singular, simply “delete” the -ni ending. In order to conjugate your verb in the present tense (get the other forms of the verb) you need to add personal endings to the form of 3rd singular.

You need to remember vowel harmony and be very careful with it: words containing back vowels (a, á, o, ó, u, ú) take endings with back vowels and words containing front vowels take endings with front vowels (e, é, i, í, ö, ő, ü, ű) – well, at least mainly 🙂

Let’s see 2 examples for the back vowel verbs:

várto wait
én várok            mi várunk
te vársz             ti vártok
ő vár                 ők várnak


tanul – to study, to learn
én tanulok              mi tanulunk
te tanulsz               ti tanultok
ő tanul                   ők tanulnak


Endings of verbs that contain back vowels (a, á, o, ó, u, ú):verb_conjugation_hungarian

1st singular: -ok             1st plural: -unk
2nd singular: -sz            2nd plural: -tok
3rd singular: —              3rd plural: -nak

Például (for example)

Hol vagy? 2 órája várok. – Where are you? I have been waiting for 2 hours.
Mari a buszmegállóban vár. – Mary is waiting at the bus stop.
Egy egyetemista minden nap tanul. -A university student learns every day.
Mit tanulsz? – What do you study? (or: What are you studying now?)
A fiúk matematikát tanulnak. – Boys study (learn) mathematics.
Te kémiát tanulsz. – You study (learn) chemistry.



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